The innovative infrastructure resilience and protection solutions provider expands to meet market demand and future growth.


Atlanta, Georgia (April 14, 2022) – Three leading industry professionals are bringing their talent to the growing team at Watershed Geo, the company has announced. Randy Thompson, Daniel Ward, and Trey Hardin have recently joined the company as part of a strategic growth plan to meet escalating market demand and position the company for future growth.
Watershed Geo services the environmental, civil, and renewable energy sectors with cutting-edge, patented environmental solutions for utility, waste management, erosion control and mining industries. The company is widely recognized for challenging traditional solutions with innovative technology and systems that are sustainable, low-cost and engineered for extreme performance.
Demand for Watershed Geo solutions is growing rapidly, powered by a growing number of commitments from large utilities, government agencies, and global industries, according to company CEO Mike Ayers.
“Our team is already widely known for breaking innovation barriers to address long-standing gaps in civil, environmental and energy infrastructure,” Ayers said. “Demand for the economic and environmental advantages our solutions create is growing rapidly and we are excited to welcome these three accomplished industry professionals to the team as we keep pace with market demand now, plus make a strategic investment in our future growth.”
Geosynthetics innovator Randy Thompson has joined the company as Director of HydroTurf Revetment. Credited with the development and introduction of the geosynthetic armoring technology adopted by the U.S. Army Corps to protect 85 miles of levees in South Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina, Randy brings more than 25 years of technical expertise in the infrastructure market to the role. Randy joins Watershed Geo following roles at Propex Geosolutions and Contech Construction Products. He holds responsibility for managing HydroTurf’s commercial success by driving technology development, improvement and innovation. Randy holds a Master of Science in Engineering and Technology Management from Oklahoma State University.
Daniel Ward joins Watershed Geo as the company’s Field Operations Manager. Daniel previously served as a Project Manager for environmental construction company and geosynthetics installer COMANCO working on projects involving municipal solid waste landfills, utilities, phosphate, and mining. He has additional technical sales experience from Advanced Drainage Systems. In his new role, Daniel will represent Watershed Geo on projects across the U.S. and manage the company’s field operations for the ClosureTurf®, HydroTurf®, VersaCap® and PowerCap® systems. He will also manage and direct Watershed Geo’s Field Managers and Field Representatives in their support of new installations and post-installation maintenance activities. Daniel holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from Ohio University.
Trey Hardin has stepped into the role of Inside Sales Technical Representative. Prior to joining Watershed Geo, Trey spent more than a decade working in various sales capacities, including Sr. Premium Membership Service Consultant for the Atlanta Hawks before serving as a Rental and Sales Coordinator for Mashburn Equipment. Trey’s experience bringing in repeat, premium clients and his knowledge of the construction industry make him uniquely positioned to understand market needs and to build partnerships and collaborations with internal teams to help deliver solutions for customers.



Watershed Geo is an Alpharetta, Georgia-based geosynthetics company specializing in engineered products that solve earth’s greatest challenges with solutions that reduce risks, require virtually no maintenance, and stand the test of time. Through best-in-class materials and extreme engineering, our goal is to unearth solutions that eliminate plaguing industry issues, while delivering more aesthetically pleasing and effective results. We believe in thinking differently and challenging traditional geosynthetic solutions. Innovation is the cornerstone of our business, and it is deeply embedded in our company’s DNA. Watershed Geo services the environmental, civil, and renewable energy sectors with customers such as TVA, Environmental Protection Agency, Southern Company, Dow, Rio Tinto, ExxonMobil, Chevron, U.S. Department of Energy, Georgia Pacific, U.S. Department of Defense, public and private waste management facilities, and many others.

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