A patented, revolutionary solar system for landfills and impoundments.

What is Powercap™?

Because PowerCap™ is directly attached to the ClosureTurf capping system with no penetrations, racking material is eliminated, installation becomes easier, the entire site can be utilized including side slopes and maintenance is dramatically reduced. Best of all, the power per unit area is increased by more than 35%. Download our brochure to learn more.

Powercap™ Three-Component System

1. Friction/Anti-Creep Strips

  • No penetration of geosynthetic material
  • Prevents sliding on slopes and shearing on the top deck
  • Friction strip ballast trays below the panel may offer additional factor of safety

2. Embedded Rail Attachment

  • Gives the array a clean smooth look that allows it to conform to the subgrade
  • Has the capability to handle a large degree of differential settlement

3. Adjustable Mounting System

  • Versatile panel options with mono-facial, bi-facial and dual glass options available
  • Flat design for slopes as well as tile options for the top deck
  • Adjustable attachments allow for various panel type and frame thickness to be securely attached to the rail

Powercap™ Features:

Increased Density

The PowerCap system is capable of providing up to one MW per two acres, up to 300% larger capacity compared to a ballasted metal racking, up to 60% greater fill factor due to the slope and panel density per unit area, and overall more energy per unit of area compared with standard installation at optimal angle.

Lower Cost & Simple

Rackless integration of PowerCap provides many benefits to reduce costs and simplify installation. Fluctuating steel costs are eliminated. Grounding is not required but can be added. The system allows for integrated wiring which reduces Balance of System (BOS) hardware and simplifies installation. PowerCap also reduces engineering time, project management costs and associated overhead.

Patent Pending Attachment System

PowerCap provides a direct attachment method from the panel to the ClosureTurf surface with no penetration of the cover system. The entire system is based on friction.

Unique Design Options

The PowerCap technology optimizes a solar array by increasing density through utilization of typically unused slopes, maximization of power production on nearby flat surfaces through panel tilt, and elimination of traditional racking. This increased density of panels allows PowerCap to produce up to one MW per two acres.

Highly Versatile, Aesthetic Design

Due to consistent changes in frame configurations, PowerCap was designed with versatility in panel configurations. PowerCap’s design flexibility accommodates various types of panels including mono-facial, bi-facial and dual glass configurations.

Adjustable Mounting System

With options for both flat design for slopes, as well as tilt options for the top deck, PowerCap’s unique design options will allow you to stretch your output numbers to the max.

Learn more about how PowerCap can help you on your next project.

Click below to reach one of our representatives for more information, request product samples, schedule a tour of one of our facilities and more.

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