Atlanta, GA – August 1, 2018 – Watershed Geo is pleased to announce Dr. Bryan N.Scholl has joined its elite staff of engineers. Dr. Scholl will assume the role of senior engineer for Watershed Geo providing technical support in hydraulics, hydrology and erosion control for their innovative technologies.  

Dr. Scholl has over 15 years of experience in hydraulic testing, design and consulting. His expertise includes laboratory steady-state and wave overtopping testing of levee and embankment erosion-control products, sediment transport, hydraulic and hydrologic numerical modeling and Froude scale physical model studies.  

“Our technical support team is one of our greatest assets as a company,” said Brad Cooley, Vice President of Civil Applications at Watershed Geo. “We are excited to have Bryan join that team. His technical background and experience are a perfect fit for our organization and our clients.”

Dr. Scholl earned his Doctoral Degree in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University, Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from San Diego State University and Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics from the University of California at San Diego. He has over 30 publications in peer-reviewed journals and conference proceedings.  Publication topics include riprap design relationships, wave overtopping resiliency of vegetated slopes, the effects of soil type on levee resiliency during overtopping, hydraulics of wave overtopping, rainfall slope protection and hillslope erosion process quantification.

Dr. Scholl will join Watershed Geo’s current technical staff of hydrologists, and geotechnical and civil engineers. Together, they have over 100 years of environmental, civil and geosynthetic experience.  In addition to product support, this team provides technical assistance to clients in specification, design, installation and maintenance of landfill closures, and revetments for levees, dams, channels, slopes and shorelines.

Scholl is the latest in a series of highly talented experts to join the Watershed Geo team. He follows the addition of Dr. Ming Zhu, who joined Watershed Geo last year and currently heads the company’s environmental and geotechnical division.

About Watershed Geosynthetics, LLC
Watershed Geo is an environmental solutions company offering a broad range of products for landfill management and erosion control. Through best-in-class materials and extreme engineering, Watershed Geo products deliver improved performance and reduced environmental impact while limiting the long-term costs associated with landfill management and revetment projects. The company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Ga. and can be found on the web at WatershedGeo and on LinkedIn.

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